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MIRA Safety M4 CBRN Military Poncho

MIRA Safety M4 CBRN Military Poncho

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  • Trusted for hard use by the Serbian Armed Forces
  • Acts as both a weatherproof poncho and CBRN barrier for the skin
  • Light weight and compact design for easy transport and storage

Our M4 Tactical Poncho is a simple practical solution to a spectrum of nuclear, biological, and chemical threats. Using cutting-edge polyamide construction, it provides an insulating barrier that protects your skin from CBRN threats for over two hours—while doubling as a practical weatherproof poncho. Military-designed, discreet, compact, and effective, the MIRA Safety M4 CBRN Military Poncho is a must-have for your CBRN suit.

Key Features of the M4 CBRN Military Poncho:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Offers proven protection from CBRN threats in gas and aerosol/liquid form, preventing contact with skin and equipment
  • Engineered by the Serbian military to provide practical, convenient, cost-effective protection from a range of threats (from mustard gas to nuclear fallout)
  • Designed to work with MIRA Safety gas masks and HAZ-SUIT's to provide additional, flexible protection
  • Crafted using special polyamide material that’s flexible and easy to wear
  • Tear-resistant construction ensures it’s durable enough for rugged use in the field
  •  Available in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large; large fits those over 70” tall)
  • Available in multiple colors, including camo, black and navy
  • Weighs just 23 ounces and easily stores into a backpack pocket
  • 15-year shelf life when kept in its original packaging
  • Tested and found to meet all requirements in accordance with the Military Standard of the Republic of Serbia (PKP 6468/07).

Compact, Total-Body “Under-the-Radar” CBRN Protection

The MIRA Safety M4 CBRN Poncho has the same basic look and feel as a standard army poncho/USGI poncho—but in reality it’s an advanced CBRN protection garment.

The key is its all-new polyamide construction, originally developed by the Serbian military and currently deployed in the field.

This new technology allows the M4 Poncho to be breathable while still offering an unparalleled level of protection against things like nuclear fallout or contaminants that can enter the body through the skin (‘blister agents’ like mustard gas are notorious for this and were specifically used in testing).

The material is weatherproof like a normal military raincoat poncho, providing hours of reliable protection in temperatures as low as -30ºC or as high as 50ºC. Puncture-resistant and designed to be reused, this military-grade poncho is ideal for regular duty use, camping, or hiking.

Our tactical poncho is more inconspicuous than wearing a full hazmat suit, yet it’s also flexible enough to work as part of a larger CBRN suit. It’s available in three sizes and colors, and comes with a 15-year shelf life for peace of mind and simplified logistics.

Practical, discreet, affordable, flexible, and convenient, our MIRA Safety CBRN Military Poncho is the perfect upgrade for almost any PPE kit.

M4 CBRN Military Poncho Technical Details:

S-yperit (mustard drops) testing of materials and seams
Contamination Density: 11 ± 1 mg S-yperit / 10 cm2
Breakthrough Density of Contamination: 5 µg S-mustard / 1 cm2
Test Tube Dimension: Ø 20 mm
Test Temperature: 23 ± 1 ° C
Protection Capacity: >120 minutes (drop by drop method)
Tensile Strength of the Coated Fabric: Over 500 N/5cm in the longitudinal direction
Over 400 N/5cm in the transverse direction
The tearing resistance of the coated fabric is over 30 N/epr in both longitudinal and across direction.
Shelf Life (in storage): 15 Years
Weight: <650g
Available Colors: M-MDU-10 (Serbian Digital Camo), Black, Navy Blue


Size Guide

Small: For operators up to 170cm (5'7)
Medium: For operators between 170cm - 180 cm (5'7 - 5'11)
Large: For operators over 180 cm (5'11)

M4 CBRN Military Poncho Storage

Each M4 CBRN Military Poncho ships in a vacuum-sealed, water-resistant cube that’s easy to store, handle, and carry. The protective M4 overcoat in its original package should be stored in a dark room within a temperature range of +5°C  to +25°C and relative humidity of 60% ±10%. In its original package, the overcoat has a 15-year shelf life.

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