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Rapid Tourniquet

Rapid Tourniquet

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Tired of bleeding to death? Us too. Rapid Tourniquet (formerly R.A.T.S) is the fastest tourniquet on the market and proven in combat. The Rapid Tourniquet uses a solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath, combined with a unique locking mechanism that creates an incredibly fast tourniquet to apply to self or others. No other tourniquet compares to the Rapid Tourniquet when being used under stress in terms of time or ease of use. 

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+ Made in the U.S.A.

+ Vulcanized Rubber Core

+ Controls bleeding

+ Fast and easy to use



+ Available in 4 colors: Black, Red, Orange, Green

+ Length | 54 in.

+ Weight | 2.8oz

+ U.S. Patent Number | 9,168,044



*By ordering from Alpenglow Readiness Supply you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies ordered. Alpenglow Readiness Supply assumes no liability for its misuse.

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