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Portable Mini Air Pump

Portable Mini Air Pump

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Are you always on the go and tired of carrying bulky, hard-to-inflate products? We feel you! That’s why we have developed our innovative, easy to use and reliable Portable Mini Air Pump. Our top of the line air pump makes it easy for you to inflate boats, beds and other large inflatable items with little effort. It conveniently features two modes, high mode and low mode – allowing you to customize your needs depending on your selected inflatable. With up 500 lumens on its high mode setting rated to last up to 12 hours or 76 hours when using its low mode setting (50 lumens), you can trust that your inflatables will remain firm no matter how long they need inflating. Best of all, its wireless design allows for outdoor use so even if you don’t have a power socket nearby, our rechargeable lithium battery will keep everything running smoothly for energy efficiency purposes. Keep exploring with our Portable Mini Air Pump today! Heading outdoors? Let your life be an adventure with our reliable product at your side!

Size : 3.03*2.26*2.02 Inches (77mm *57.5mm *51.5mm)

Power : 17W

Battery capacity : 3600mAhCharging time (Hours) : 6 hours

Weight : 0.35lbs (160g)

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