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Hiking Sticks

Hiking Sticks

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Introducing the brand new Hiking Sticks! Whether you are a serious hiker or looking for an enjoyable afternoon stroll, these walking sticks will make your journey safer and more pleasurable. The telescopic pole offers tremendous flexibility, with adjustable length ranging from 14.54” to 54.23”(37cm To 138cm). We have included an ergonomic EVA handle grip to ensure maximum comfort and non-slip control. Furthermore, it comes with adjustable wrist straps for comfortable, easy use and extended, lightweight non-slip grips so that you stay in full control while trekking even the most rugged terrain. 

Made entirely of aviation aluminum alloy, our hiking sticks are light yet durable as well as extremely strong thanks to highest strength 7075 aluminum with frosted effect handmade excellence. Also included is a shock absorber feature that helps reduce strain on the wrist and replaceable rubber ferrules for pavement and indoor use. Consider your mountain adventures taken care of—all with one small package! Plus the weight is completely manageable at just over half a pound! So why wait? Get going on those trails in ultimate style today with our new Hiking Sticks!

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