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My Medic | Finger Splint

My Medic | Finger Splint

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Be prepared with the finger version of The MyMedic Finger Splint. This splint is for First Aid and emergency use, as well as sport and recreational use.

The MyMedic Finger Splint will is not guaranteed to make your broken digit heal itself, but it can at least provide some humor to ease the nerves in the meantime.

  • Exceptionally stylish
  • Comfortable and easy to mold
  • Adaptable and light weight
  • Splint can be cut with scissors
  • Not available for use in x-rays
  • Latex free
  • You might want to break your finger just to be able to use it


Dimensions | 1.75 in. x 3.75 in.

Weight | 5 grams | single

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