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Female Urinal Funnel

Female Urinal Funnel

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Our Female Urinal Funnel is the latest must-have product for any active woman who loves the outdoors! This ultra-portable, lightweight solution helps you have peace of mind, wherever your next adventure takes you. Made from high quality silicone and available in a stunning purple shade, our Female Urinal Funnel makes it easy to take care of business when nature calls, and without compromising on aesthetics. The ergonomic shape ensures maximum comfort and convenience every time, while the size 5.9 x 4.13In (150*105mm) allows you to carry it around with ease. 

For our adventurous ladies out there who enjoy camping, hiking or road trips – this urinal funnel can be your best companion! It provides you with a safe and hygienic way to go whenever and wherever needed! Don't get caught off guard; just reach for your trusty female urinal funnel any moment an emergency arises! No more needs for unhygienic alternatives; this device is here to keep you safe and healthy wherever the road takes you. 

Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom situations that could put your health at risk! Our Female Urinal Funnel is a must-have device for reliable protection from hazardous environments! So grab one today and enjoy total freedom to explore life's beauty - worry-free!

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