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My Medic | Emergency Pressure Bandage

My Medic | Emergency Pressure Bandage

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The Emergency Pressure Bandage is a light, compact trauma dressing for pre-hospital casualty care. Features a sterile dressing, cloth wrapping leader, and velcro for easy attachment.


+ Velcro strips placed throughout the bandage provide a secure wrap with minimal slippage, and also prevents accidental unravelling if dropped out of your butterfingers. You klutz.

Vacuum-sealed waterproof packaging, mostly to protect the bandage, partly so you can use it as a pool toy.

Easy to store in any First Aid Kit


+ Dimensions | packaged | 5.5 in. x 7 in. x 1 in.

+ Dimensions | expanded | 4 in. x 60 in.

+ Dimensions | stretched | 4 in. x 177 in.

+ Weight | 71 grams | 2.5 ounces | 0.16 pounds



*By ordering from Alpenglow Readiness Supply you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies ordered. Alpenglow Readiness Supply assumes no liability for its misuse.

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