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Camping Gas Stove

Camping Gas Stove

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Discover the extraordinary power of the Camping Gas Stove! Whether you’re cooking outdoors on your next camping trip or want a gas stove with superior performance, this powerhouse has the firepower and wind resistance you need. Capable of an incredible 11,000 watts of power, this advanced stove will have your meal cooked in no time.

Not only is it powerful and efficient, but this unique stove also offers impressive energy savings thanks to its innovative technologies like infrared heating. This allows you to convert flame into infrared rays that offer powerful heat that works without worrying about high bill costs! It also offers far-infrared heating and baking functions to expand what you cook outdoors. And with long-lasting service life and high-temperature resistance properties for extra protection, there has never been a more convincing campfire stove than now!

Enjoy your outdoor cookouts for the whole family with this ZYZY-822 gas stove! This incredible equipment has a split structure, measures 52 cm by 15 cm by 37cm, and weighs 4200 g. Boasting 230g/hr maximum firepower burning time and suitable for up to 5 or more people in an ordinary outdoor environment - all complete with extra packaging, including one outdoor stove, so you're always ready to barbecue on demand!

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